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39 Things I am Grateful For...

Today is my birthday!

In all honesty, birthdays were never a huge deal for me growing up. To this day, my parents still don't know my birthday and I have to remind them how old I am. It's totally a cultural thing so no worries. But these days, I find my birthday a good excuse to stop and, as Philippa Soo (aka Eliza Hamilton) would say..."take a break..."

This blog has been amazingly inconsistent but I am inspired by my amazing sister ( and wanted to see if I could revisit it as a way to share thoughts on, well, life at anchor.

So for today, on my 39th birthday (oh my goodness, I'm well into those 30s now...), I wanted to share 39 random things I am grateful for (which are in no particular order, which is not comprehensive by any means, which is admittedly a reflection of my privilege, which is just for fun).

  1. My morning cup of coffee with some Better Buzz vanilla powder.

  2. Children that sleep in so I can have a moment of quiet before starting the day.

  3. Twinkle lights above the outdoor dining table for peaceful summer dinners.

  4. Long driveways for kid roller coaster rides.

  5. Deer running along the street in the middle of the afternoon.

  6. My boss.

  7. Disney Plus.

  8. Hamilton.

  9. Lin Manuel Miranda.

  10. Zoom happy hours with my college roomies and besties.

  11. Teachers.

  12. Momma Solaris, my sewing and embroidery machine.

  13. Audible.

  14. People who wear masks.

  15. #blacklivesmatter

  16. My sister.

  17. My parents.

  18. My brothers.

  19. My neighbors.

  20. My kids.

  21. My husband.

  22. Freedom and democracy.

  23. Hope and faith that America can and will do better.

  24. Birthday kisses from the kids.

  25. Documenting memories in albums and journals and scrapbooks.

  26. Unclogged drains and flushing toilets.

  27. Air conditioning.

  28. SWO Sisters who understand exactly what I'm going through.

  29. Homemade ice cream.

  30. DC Banh Mi, especially when I'm missing my family.

  31. Uno. Ticket to Ride. Board games with the kids

  32. Loving memories on Epiphany sailing on the Chesapeake.

  33. many throughout my life.

  34. Planners and journals and notebooks, oh my!

  35. Happy birthday messages.

  36. Belly laughs and giggles.

  37. Airpods.

  38. Facetime.

  39. This amazing and blessed life I live with the most inspiring and loving family, friends and community. I am grateful for the aspiration to be better, to be kinder, to make our country and community more equal because the journey to a more perfect union never ends.

So, may I remember all these things and everything else not yet shared to make sure that I end my 30s with purpose and passion and love! THIRTY-NINE...BRING IT ON!

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