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And so it begins...

I used to blog over at blogger years and years ago with my last post from January 2013. It was a farewell post to a blissful year in Hawaii. We were starting another new chapter in San Diego, California and I had planned to keep up with the blogging. husband was gone a lot with the Navy. I had two small kids, transitioned through three different jobs in two years, I was barely staying above water. Blogging was at the bottom of my priority list.

Fast forward almost 6 years later and here I am, now "settled" (for now) in the Washignton DC area, and putting my crafty self out there again. What I realize is that while we are often drifting from one place to the next, when we are "at anchor," I need to take advantage of those moments to dive into my creative projects, create memories with my family, and (since I do actually enjoy it) share those stories with you!

So hello again, interweb, if anyone is out there. It's me, vanlikethecar aka madebyvan aka Van! And I can't wait to share my creative stories with you again!

In front of the US Capital with the family.

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