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Five Belated Friday Favorites #2

I type these words for me. It brings me joy to share the things that I love; to talk about my favorite life hacks or what is helping me get through the day. If you know me in real life, you know that I can go on and on about how awesome any one of my kitchen gadgets is or how much I love this podcast. But if no one else reads this, if no one else finds this helpful...well, that's okay. Typing this makes me happy and that's enough. :)

So with that, here are this week's belated Friday Favorites (coming to you on a Tuesday)!

1. The SkinnyTaste Air Fryer Book.

I have always enjoyed meal planning and searching for recipes based on just one book (vs searching through the massive interweb and getting overwhelmed.). I recently did a week's worth of dinners based on this most recent edition to the SkinnyTaste cookbook family and really enjoyed it! Recipes were all really easy and adaptable for just the convection setting in a toaster over. Check in out!

2. December Daily.

I started making the foundation pages for my December Daily albums (a memory keeping project to document the everyday and special stories from December led by Ali Edwards) back in November. Now that we are almost to the end of January, I'm slowly starting to fill my pages with photos and stories from December 2019. It's a great excuse to play, use my cute little photo printers, and reminisce about how magical December was. If you want to see a flip through of my December Daily Stories 1-10, you can visit my FaceBook or Instagram feed.

3. Google Calendar.

I am a paper planner junkie and have all the stickers and stamps to embellish and beautify the planners. But recently, my husband and I have realized that we need to be more in sync with each other's schedules so we have resurrected our family use of Google Calendar and I love it, especially the desktop version that allows you to integrate Google Tasks on the same window. Huge Fan. And it works well with how I use my daily paper planner too.

4. Enough Quotient.

I was first introduced to this idea of an Enough Quotient (or EQ) by my awesome neighbor, Sierra. It's an idea coined by scrapbooker Stacy Julian and she talks about it in her podcast. Basically, identify what your minimum baseline is for certain goals and if you reach that baseline, that is enough and there is no need or pressure to do more. Check out the podcast and free yourself form the need to do more.

5. Letting Go.

This final favorite stems from my new daily practice inspired by James Clear. It's very helpful and calming to let go of guilt and effort in one thing every day. My mind tends to make long and unnecessary to do lists and just letting go of one item from that list (and the accompanying guilt) allows me to focus on what is important or realize that it's progress and not perfect that is important. As Elsa says, let it go, let it go...

Okay kids, that's it. My second installment of Friday Favorites (a little belated). But i'm letting go of being late so it's all good. :)

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