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Five Friday Favorites

So we're trying something new to hopefully inspire me to blog a bit more often. Five Friday Favorites. No specific parameters or categories. Just wanted to share five things that I'm loving so it might inspire you to try something new or appreciate the things you already have around you!

1. 100 Days of Real Food.

As part of my goal setting for 2020, I wanted to really focus on wellness, especially as it related to what I am eating and consuming. I have no interest in going 100% vegan or gluten free or trying the Whole30. I love me some carbs and sugar and an occasional steak. But I also love chips and fried food and prepared frozen food and I know that's not always the best fuel for my body.

Through random internet searching and podcast listening, I learned about 100 Days of Real Food. (Click on the link to learn more about it.). Basically, don't eat processed food, stay away from white and refined flours and sugars. And eat local meats when possible.

I'm on day 5 on my 100 day journey. I've allowed myself some exceptions (i.e. some better buzz vanilla powder in my morning coffee) and situational flexibility. But other that that, it's going well and I've enjoyed the journey thus far. Let's see how long this lasts!

2. Before Breakfast Podcast.

Each podcast only lasts around 6 minutes or so and it's the perfect way to get me in the mindset for a productive and focused day. I've been listening to Laura Vanderkam's Before Breakfast Podcast since it started last spring and still love it. Check it out!

3. The Clear Habit Journal.

I recently finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear where he provides insight on how to build habits that stick and stresses the importance of trying to improve just 1% each day. Inspired by his book, I also purchased the companion Clear Habit Journal to help with my morning journaling practice, goal setting, and organizing all the lists. It's a beautiful volume and I hope it takes center stage in my ever growing pile of planners/ journals/ lists and notebooks.

4. Morning Journaling Practice.

Using my Clear Habit Journal, I start each day by writing down three things:

1. What am I grateful for. Be specific.

2. What am I focusing on.

3. What am I letting go of.

It sets the tone for the day and helps me refocus if I happen to find myself off track later during the afternoon.

5. Monogram Mug from Anthropologie.

I helped a dear friend make an anniversary gift for her parents featuring some embroidered and paper pieced images of Niagara Falls. As a thank you gift (which was so not necessary btw) she gave me this lovely Monogram Mug from Anthropologie! I didn't think I needed any more mugs but boy do I love this!! It brings a big smile to my face in the morning and is a lovely reminder of the beautiful people in my life.

Okay kids. And with that, we have completed our first edition of Five Friday Favorites in 2020.

What are you favorites this year so far. I'd love to hear so please share over on FB, instagram or right here on the blog!

Hugs and love, Van

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