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Five Friday Favorites #3

I realize that sharing my favorites on this blog is akin to a gratitude practice. So much of life is about perspective and attitude. So if I can focus on the things (big or small) that bring me joy, it helps to minimize all those not so happy things.

Last week didn't see a Five Friday Favorites post. We were all hit hard with the flu amidst a family trip to the mountains. But I am thankful everyone eventually recovered and we were able to enjoy at least part of our vacation. Plus, being sick is gorgeous snow covered Colorado isn't completely awful.

So with that, here is this week's installment of five things I'm loving right now.

1. Google Keep

I was a huge fan of One Note when Microsoft office first released it over a decade ago. It was my go to application for taking notes in law school. While I sometimes still use One Note for my day job, I've really enjoyed Google Keep as a personal note taking program. I love it because I can access it on all platforms easily - computer, ipad and phone. Recently, I have used it for tracking my 2020 goals.

2. Goals for 2020 - Check Ins.

Speaking of goals, I have been working to define my goals for 2020 since December 2019 and revisiting these lists weekly. But working on goals in isolation can be hard, especially since I am an obliger and need community support. I am blessed that my dear neighbor, Sierra, is also a goal setter, memory keeper and constant planner. We try to meet weekly to craft and scrapbook but are committed to also holding each other accountable for our goals. We had a great session this week and it really helped me refocus and commit to following through with my own goals and tasks. Together, I know we can get things done!

3. Military Epic Pass.

I am grateful for the active duty military Epic Pass. For a shockingly affordable price, our family can access some of the best ski resorts in the world. So my kids now can fly down black diamond runs while I can finish a green run without tears streaming down my face. We have skied Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, Beaver Creek and Park City because of the generous epic pass program. A million thank yous to them.

4. Project Life App.

I am a scrapbooker and memory keeper. But doing it with paper and glue is not necessarily portable. Being a mom to two young kids also means that we are constantly on the move for sports or girl scouts or school activities. So the Project Life App by Becky Higgins has been a lifesaver, letting me scrapbook while on the plane or in line at the grocery store or while sitting on the bleachers at dive practice.

5. Audible.

One of my many goals this year is to read at least a book at month. And to hit that goal, Audible has been amazing. I can easily listen to at least one book a month (if not two) and the program even allows you to "exchange" books that you ended up not listening to or finished.

And with that, we find ourselves at the end of January!!! What are some of your monthly favorites so far in 2020? I'd love to hear!!

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