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I'm tired.

The kids and husband have been asleep for hours. A single solitary light is shining down on me while I'm sitting at my laptop surrounded by piles of file folders. We are deep in June Madness (i.e. the end of the school year craziness). This is the time where everyone needs you to make t-shirts, organize gifts, volunteer for class parties. And being the obliger that I am (see the Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin), I willingly oblige.

But you also have a day job that needs your attention and expertise and focus. So in order to fit it all in...the mommy stuff and the work work in the middle of the night while everything else is quiet just to keep up.

I know that I am very lucky. I have a semi-flexible schedule that allows me to fit in all in. And I truly am grateful and feel so blessed. But dude, I think I'm allowed to feel lucky AND tired at the same time. Totally not mutually exclusive. Totally feel justified to complain for just a second.

Just seven more days, ya'll. Seven more days til...SUMMER!!!!!!

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