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Purpose! Did I figure out Mine?!

I am a podcast, self-help book, find your inner peace junkie. Maybe it's because I'm always aspiring to find balance, purpose and happiness in my life. After quitting my biglaw job to support my active duty military spouse, it took me a long time to redefine success in my life. But after many career shifts, moves, and podcasts later, I think I figured it out. (But don't hold your might change in 17 minutes.)

I love crafting and scrapbooking and am quickly falling in love with sewing. I love sharing pictures of my creative adventures on instagram. I love making gifts that help people feel special and appreciated. I love sharing my favorite life hacks and tips. I love talking to working moms on how they achieve balance and make life and parenting happen on the daily.

I love all of these things and it doesn't seem right to just be a maker. Or just be a blogger. Or just be a lawyer. Can't I somehow be all the things? Then I think it hit me! Maybe my purpose (or really my passion), is helping others also seek joy and balance and happiness in the craziness of work and parenting and PTA meetings and girl scout activities and soccer games and scrapbooking projects and on and on and on...

We can't get it all perfect. Life isn't perfect. But we can always try to make the most of it so that we can enjoy the everyday moments instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Is that even possible? I don't know. Maybe not. Maybe it is. But I'm adopting the mantra to become obsessed and in love with the journey instead of the goal. So who's ready to join me?

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