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The Gift of Time

I celebrated my 39th birthday this past week. It's no secret that celebrations are different in 2020. But I feel as loved and celebrated this year as any other year. I was showered by those around me with the precious gift of their time.

Time spent to create and make a birthday craft cocktail flavored with homemade Thai basil and orange simple syrup, elderflower liquor and white rum. Thank you Sarah! And to the LOLs, thank you for such a lovely and safe backyard dinner.

Time spent meticulously embroidering french knots and satin stitches night after night after the kids fell asleep. Sierra, I am obsessed. Thank you!

Time spent baking a homemade yellow cake with vanilla frosting and decorates with a replica of my favorite spatula. To Charlotte, I love you and your sweet thoughtfulness and kindness.

Time spent driving back home after a long day of class to say happy birthday in person. Justin, the very best present ever.


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